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Graphic novels in the library

What’s the solution for of those people out there who aren’t big readers?

Graphic novels, of course.

Don’t be fooled, graphic novels aren’t the ‘easy way out’, but they do provide us with the opportunity to read differently.  They usually include substantial amounts of text, but create the story with pictures.  So if you’re a visual person, they may be the thing for you!

 What’s the difference between graphic novels and comics? Well, not very much, truth be told.  Series like ‘Tintin’ and ‘Asterisk’ could be considered comics, but also graphic novels. 

 The library has just gotten two new graphic novels to add to our collection; ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Twilight’.  If you like them, let us know, and we can look into getting more titles for you!

 Happy reading!


Have you read the ‘Blue Bloods’ series?

Did you love Twilight? Or is that a stupid question?

If you’re looking for another vampiric series to sink your teeth into, try the ‘Blue Bloods’ series by Melissa de la Cruz.  The vampires in this series are young, powerful, rich and beautiful vampires of modern day New York.  These ‘Blue Bloods’ have kept the secret of vampire existence for centuries – but all of that is about to change.  The secret is seeping out at a prestigious private school, and Schuyler Van Alen finds herself tied to the heart of it.

Here’s a teaser from the first chapter of ‘Blue Bloods’:

Across the street, Schuyler saw a cab pull up to the curb, and a tall blond guy stepped out of it. Just as he emerged, another cab barreled down the street on the opposite side. It was swerving recklessly, and at first it looked like it would miss him, but at the last moment, the boy threw himself in its path and disappeared underneath its wheels. The taxicab never even stopped, just kept going as if nothing happened.

“Oh my God!” Schuyler screamed.

The guy had been hit—she was sure of it—he’d been run over—he was surely dead.

“Did you see that?” she asked, frantically looking around for Oliver, who seemed to have disappeared. Schuyler ran across the street, fully expecting to see a dead body, but the boy was standing right in front of her, counting the change in his wallet. He slammed the door shut and sent his taxi on its way. He was whole and unhurt.

“You should be dead,” she whispered.

“Excuse me?” he asked, a quizzical smile on his face.

Schuyler was a little taken aback—she recognized him from school. It was Jack Force. The famous Jack Force.

 In reading order:

Blue Bloods



The Van Alen Legacy

Misguided Angel – to be released 2010







Check out the official Blue Bloods website:

Marsden Movie

After years of being read and loved by thousands of teenagers, John Marsden’s first book in

the ‘Tomorrow When The War Began Series’ is finally being made into a film. While the news has been greeted excitedly by many, some are not so sure that a film adaptation of this novel will do the story justice.  Many people have quite strong connections with the characters – particularly Ellie – and are divided on whether any actor will be able to do justice to Marsden’s creation.

Generally speaking though, most people are pretty pumped for the film’s release in September this year.  Already, there are fan sites, teaser trailer leaks, and lengthy discussions about the actors, the setting and how the books will translate onto the screen.

One thing’s for sure – this will see a resurgence in the borrowing of ‘Tomorrow’ books in the library!

Watch the trailer here:

 Check out on of the fan blogs here: