Have you tried reading non-fiction?

This might sound silly, but have you tried reading non-fiction for pleasure?  When we think of non-fiction books, we usually think about the type of books that we’d use for researching a school assignment – interesting, perhaps, but not a thrilling prospect if you’re looking for a book to curl up with.

For those of you who aren’t into vampires, romance, fantasy, sci-fi or anything fanciful, you might like to try getting into non-fiction.  The great thing about non-fiction is that you can often dip in and out of the book, reading the bits that interest you and skimming through the bits that don’t.  It’s not like a novel, where if you don’t read chapter two, you miss vital information about the plot and characters.

There are lots of different types of non-fiction that you could potentially read for the fun of it.  Many people really enjoy reading the biographies or autobiographies of people they are interested in; others like books filled with pictures, graphics or photos (especially if you’re reading about art or music); some like to learn a new skill while they read (for example, many people read cook books or gardening books for fun) and others like to fuel their interest in a subject by learning as much as they can.

In the library, we are always getting really interesting non-fiction books that would be great for many people to simply read and enjoy.  However, our instinct, when we’re looking for something to read, is to go straight to the fiction section.

How about you give non-fiction a try?

Here are some new titles:


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