Author Websites

Hi Girls,

I’ve put up a new tab on the blog – you’ll see it if you just let your eyes wander up the page a little.  Can you see it? There it is: ‘Author Websites’.  I know some of you get really into reading books by a particular author, so I thought I’d start putting up a collection of author website links for you to browse through. 

On these websites, you’ll get the absolute latest news on new release novels and because most authors can’t help, well, writing, many of them include a blog which the author updates regularly with news and ideas about their latest work. 

You’ll notice a real range of professionalism across these websites.  Some authors, particularly the well known ones, have sites that include all sorts of wizz bang animations and special features (check out Dan Brown’s site – particularly cool).  Some sites are a bit more simple, which is fine too! Shaun Tan’s site is quite simple, but is full of his amazing sketches, so it’s well worth a visit.

If you have any other author websites that you’d like to include, just shoot off a comment below and I’ll add the site to the list!

Happy reading,

Ms White 🙂


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