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HOLIDAYS!! *Does holiday dance*

Yep, it’s all about holidays this week! Exams are over (for now), and while we’ve officially started Semester Two (no rest for the wicked, it seems), I know everyone is hanging out for the hols.  Now, we’ve got heaps of new titles in the library for you to borrow, including Holly Black’s latest novel, ‘Red Glove’, Cassandra Clare’s 4th Mortal Instruments novel, ‘City of Fallen Angels’, and the latest in Michael Grant’s Gone series – ‘Plague’.

If you want to boost your numbers for the Premier’s Reading Challenge – which ends in August by the way – The Age has just published some of the latest additions to the PRC Book List:

 The Three Loves of Persimmon  Cassandra Golds
 Cherry Crush  Cathy Cassidy
 My Worst Best Friend  Dyan Sheldon
 Meet Poppy  Gabrielle Wang; Lucia Masciullo
 Water  Geoff Havel
 Shadow Souls  L. J. Smith
 Quest for the Silver Tiger  Mo Willems
 Anything But Typical   Nora Raleigh Baskin
 The Emerald Casket  Richard Newsome
 The Red Pyramid  Rick Riordan
 One Perfect Pirouette  Sherryl Clark
 The Cloudchasers  Steven Hunt; David Richardson
 Reckless  Cornelia Fluke
 The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher  Doug MacLeod
 The Other Countess  Eve Edwards
 I Am Number Four  Pittacus Lore
 The Midnight Zoo  Sonya Hartnett
 Get a Grip Cooper Jones  Sue Whiting
 Bright Young Things  Anna Godbersen
 Big River, Little Fish  Belinda Jeffrey
 Little Dorrit  Charles Dickens
 The Dragon Book  Jack Dann; Gardner Dozois (edit)
 The Sky is Everywhere  Jandy Nelson
 Will Grayson, Will Grayson  John Green; David Levithan
 The Winds of Heaven  Judith Clarke
 Liar  Justine Larbalestier
 Beautiful Darkness  Kami Garcia; Margaret Stohl (ill.)
 Guardian of the Dead  Karen Healey
 Beautiful Monster  Kate McCaffrey
 What Now Tilda B?  Kathryn Lomer
 Shark Girl  Kelly Bingham
 Raw Blue  Kirsty Eagar
 Saltwater Vampires  Kirsty Eagar
 India Dark  Kirsty Murray
 Vulture’s Gate  Kirsty Murray
 When Courage Came to Call  L. M. Fuge
 Fallen  Lauren Kate
 Going Bovine  Libba Bray
 Withering Tights  Louise Rennison
 Linger  Maggie Stiefvater
 Now  Morris Gleitzman
 The Picture of Dorian Gray  Oscar Wilde
 Swerve  Phillip Gwyne
 Beyond Evie  Rebecca Burton
 The Blue-eyed Aborigine  Rosemary Hayes
 The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner  Stephenie Meyer
 Mockingjay  Suzanne Collins
 The Uninvited  Tim Wynne-Jones

Happy reading and happy holidays!!

Ms White 🙂


And the countdown begins…

With the final instalment of the Harry Potter film extravaganza just around the corner, Warner Bros has released a series of posters to promote Deathly Hallows Pt 2.  Move over Harry, Ron and Hermione – these posters are all about some of the supporting characters who make a big finish in the final part of the story.  Two of my faves are the poster of Neville – who is finally looking less geeky and more heroic – and the Weasley twins, who look grim and determined and not at all like their usual joking selves.  It’s actually kind of nice to see these characters featured in promotion, and great to see them portrayed in such different ways.

And just to whet your appetite, here’s the official trailer for the final movie…

Featured author website – Ally Condie

These days, everything comes in a trilogy or a series.  Everyone enjoys a bit of an epic story, and there’s nothing better than the thrill of finishing a book on a cliff hanger, knowing that there is another book (or another two, or three, or five books) to go.

But reading a series can be a big deal.  It takes a certain amount of time, commitment and energy to get through, say, the ‘Harry Potter’ series.  And sometimes, it takes a lot of emotional energy to get to the final book – remember how you felt at the end of the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy? I do. I felt like I needed a cup of tea and a good lie down!

We can get so emotionally invested in a series; it’s not uncommon for readers to become just a teensy bit obsessed with characters and stories.  This experience is heightened (or worsened!! You be the judge!) by the fact that many of these authors extend their virtual worlds into their website.  These days, websites are not simply about the author and the novel, they’re about drawing the audience into the world of the story, no matter how fantastical it may be.

A great example of this is Ally Condie’s website for her ‘Matched’ trilogy.  Her first novel, ‘Matched’ takes place in a society where everything is predetermined.  When Cassia turns seventeen, she will learn who she has been matched with for life, she will have her job decided for her and will play out her life exactly as the ‘Society’ has prescribed.  But what happens when Cassia falls for someone else, and starts to step outside the boundaries of what is acceptable?

The website looks simple enough, but it’s clever in the sense that it makes the reader feel like they are being watched by the Society.  The camera in the corner continuously focuses, and there are a little pop up messages and flashes of ‘data’ that replicate Cassia’s experience in the novel.  You can be ‘matched’ on the site, and find out more information about the 100 poems, 100 stories and 100 songs. Check it out below:

So, which other author websites do you think help extend the story experience on the web? Leave a comment and a link for us all to look at!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thought I’d start the week by giving you all a snapshot of some of the fab new books we’ve got going on in the library.  I recently went to a conference and heard almost all of these authors speak, and although I haven’t read all of these titles, I feel like I know these books because of the way the authors spoke about them.  Check them out:

A Pocketful of Eyes – Lili Wilkinson

I heard Lili speak about this book a few weeks ago.  She’s a young writer (in her twenties) and she’s generally really funny.  She describes this novel as a bit of mystery and a bit of romance.  Apparently, there’s a great make-out scene that takes place on the back of a stuffed tiger. Yep, you heard me.

Graffiti Moon – Cath Crowley

Cath Crowley is such a champ! When I heard her speak about the research she did for this novel, she had some really funny stories to tell about being alone in the middle of Footscray at night, busting to go to the toilet. This book is set over the course of one night, and is about the hunt for a mysterious graffiti artist named Shadow.

City of Fallen Angels – Cassandra Clare

If you’ve done Harry Potter, and you’re over Twilight, let me point you in the direction of the ‘Mortal Instruments’ series.  The latest release, City of Angels, is the fourth in the series (of six books).  I’m just about to read book two of the series and I’ll tell you that I’m pretty hooked.  Cassandra Clare is also simultaneously writing a prequel trilogy, so there are a heap of books to sink your teeth into.  This will be your new obsession, trust me.  (Plus, the film has just started production – see earlier post for details!)

The Dead I Know – Scot Gardner

I met Scot Gardner about three years ago when he came to run a writing workshop for my year nine English class.  He was an absolute dude, and he’s a great writer.  His latest book is a bit of a psychodrama and, I’m told, will leave you thinking about it for days.

Congratulations Shaun Tan!

Well, it’s been a pretty big year for Shaun Tan.  First the Oscar for his short film, ‘The Lost Thing’, and now he’s just received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.  This is a HUGE deal, because the award is the world’s largest children’s literature award going around.  Named after the author of the Pippi Longstocking books, the award comes with a large monetary prize; Tan will receive over $700,000 (AUD) as part of this award!!  Below is a link to a video of Shaun Tan, taking his audience through his personal sketch book:

(Video courtesy of the State Library Victoria)