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Hunger Games film news

In the midst of Pottermania (I thoroughly enjoyed the film, btw), a certain poster for a certain film based on a certain best selling series was released.

For all of you Hunger Games fanatics, the official film poster was released over the weekend. Looks a bit like this:

Interestingly, many people have slammed it for being too ambiguous;  it gives away pretty much nothing about the film.  Those who’ve read the books will recognise the significance of the mockingjay and the fire, but for those who have no idea what The Hunger Games is about, it’s a little bit meaningless.  Obviously, the idea is to give the audience only a tiny taste of what the film will be like, but in this case, perhaps it’s a little too subtle? It IS, however, a rather beautiful poster, I must admit.  I’ve no doubt that more images and posters will be released closer to the date!

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