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Book Review: The Dead I Know

Aaron Rowe is desperately trying to get his life together. But between his new job as a funeral director’s assistant, caring for Mam, and his extreme sleepwalking episodes, life seems pretty bleak.  Aaron’s dreams haunt him – he can’t explain what they mean but he knows they have something to do with a past that he can’t seem to recover.  If he doesn’t start remembering his past, and soon, he may lose his future.

This is a pretty intense sort of novel. It can be violent at times, and deals with death in ways that is sometimes confronting.  I’ve met Scot Gardner and heard him speak a few times – he’s such a funny guy, and it seems odd that he’s written such a graphic novel.

I really liked Aaron as a character; while he had his flaws, I found myself really wanting him to succeed as an apprentice funeral director, and I was really pleased when he started loosening up towards the end of the novel. John Barton, his employer, is also an interesting character.  I liked his eccentricity; it made him fun without being too comical.  This is definitely a book for older readers and I highly recommend it.

Happy Reading! 🙂


Book Review: Across the Universe

Imagine making one of the hardest decisions you could possibly make – deciding to be cryogenically frozen with your parents for three hundred years, with the knowledge that you’ll wake up, ready to make a new life on a completely new planet.

Now imagine that you’ve accidentally been woken up.  Fifty years early.

This is exactly the situation that Amy finds herself in – stuck on a ship in an unfamiliar world where nothing is as it seems.  She’s befriended by Elder, the next in line to take command of the ship. But as they get to know each other and Amy starts taking stock of her new and isolated life, they begin to uncover secrets that will affect the whole ship and the journey to the new world.

This novel is quite thrilling; there’s a real sense of action to it.  The story is told from the point of view of both Amy and Elder, and Beth Revis has done a really good job of weaving both stories together in order to draw out the tension for as long as possible.  I found this to be what I call a ‘hopeless’ novel – as the book was drawing to a close and the secrets were revealed, I couldn’t possibly see how the narrative would pan out.  Luckily, the story continues in a sequel entitled ‘A Million Suns’, which is due to be released early in 2012.

This book is a little sci-fi, a little romance and a little end-of-the-world-ish.  The idea of space travel to a new planet is not new, but this books really explores the nature of man and man’s perception of order, which is quite interesting.

We have two copies in the library – give it a go!

Happy Reading! Ms White 🙂