Monthly Archives: December 2012

Last post for the year!

Well, 2012 is steadily drawing to a close.  When I can hear Rhianna blaring down at me all day from the upper library, I know that the House Arts competition is in full swing.  The Nicholas Library is going through quite a few changes – we’re in the process of changing shelves, so our big old non-fiction shelves are being taken down and we’re putting in some nice new sleek white ones. They look a bit like this:


If you’re not as tall as you’d like to be, you’ll find these new shelves much easier to use – that top shelf is much closer to the ground!!

Thanks for following the St Cath’s Book Blog in 2012. I’ll be taking a whole swag of books home with me over the holidays, and I’ll be writing reviews as I read them. I’ll start posting reviews again in February 2013, when we all begin Term One. So for now, I’d like to say Merry Christmas to you all – have a safe and happy holiday and (as always):


Ms White 🙂