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The wait is almost over…

Ok, so this is happening on 27th May…

I know a lot of students who are pretty excited about the release of this book! This is it, the final novel in the series. I’m predicting some serious post-series blues from many people (myself included).

Want to know more about what happens in the grand finale? Check out this interview with Cassandra Clare.  She gives away a few little juicy details about City of Heavenly Fire, and the article includes a brief excerpt to whet your appetite!

The countdown is on…

Happy Waiting!
Ms White 🙂


Video: Ranting About Books

I’ve posted a video from popular author John Green on this blog before. Today, I’m going to post a video from his brother, Hank. Together, John and Hank are the Vlog Brothers and the videos they produce are a whole lot of awesome. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re really informative and sometimes they get a little ranty – and it’s the ranty ones I enjoy the most! (Probably because I’m partial to a jolly good rant myself!).  Check out the latest rant from Hank about books:

Happy Watching!
Ms White 🙂