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Love is in the air…

At the Nicholas Library, we don’t believe in Valentine’s Day – we believe in LIBRARY LOVERS DAY! We’ve started the new year with a display of books about lurve. And why not go on a blind date with a book? Choose one of our pretty pink and purple parcels of mystery and see if you’re a perfect match!



We’ve arrived!

You’ve probably noticed that this blog has been a little quiet in the last few months. Well, there’s been a good reason for that! The library staff have been getting ready to move into our BRAND NEW LIBRARY and today is the day we officially open to the students! We’ve spent the last few weeks moving everything in and getting everything set up and we’re really excited about how new home. Check it out!

Make sure you come in and check it out!

Holidays and Shakespeare’s Birthday

Well, we had a whirlwind end of term and now we’re well and truly into the first week of holidays. I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves, whatever you may be doing!

In the first week back of Term 2, we’ll be celebrating a very special birthday for a very special man. Can you guess who it is? Join us for the fun!


Last post of the year…

I have to admit, I’ve been a little lazy with the posts in the last little while! There has been so much going on, every time I go to write a post, something gets in the way! I want to say a big Merry Christmas to the St Cath’s girls from the library staff. We’ve had a big year this year and 2014 is going to be even bigger! This time next year – fingers crossed – we’ll be in our BRAND NEW LIBRARY. Pretty excited about that, I can tell you!

I found this article today and I thought I’d share it with all you die-hard Twilight/Harry/Katniss fans.


Merry Christmas all, and happy reading! See you in 2014! 

Ms White 🙂

Settling in…

Well, we’ve moved the library into our new space – so far, so good! Come over to the MDC and visit us; we look just like a real library. We’ll be in this location for the next 8-12 months while the renovations are happening, then we get to move into a brand new sparkly library space. We’re pretty excited about that!

To celebrate all this excitement, I thought I’d post up the latest trailer for a film I know you’re all looking forward to: Catching Fire. What do we think?