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Plot Inconsistencies in your favourite novels!

Right, if you want your favourite novels and series to remain pristine in your mind, cover your ears and start going, ‘lalalalalalalalalala’ right now! The Reading Room blog has uncovered some fairly gaping plot holes in some of the most popular books we love to read. I guess the question is: do we really care? Still, it’s a fun discussion topic!!



New Author – Steph Bowe

There are up and coming authors writing new books all the time, but I thought I’d feature new writer Steph Bowe for a few reasons.  Firstly, her debut novel (‘Girl Saves Boy’) has just been released and it’s a bit of a corker, and secondly – Steph is only sixteen.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of hearing Steph and some other authors speak about their books.  Steph was very eloquent; she spoke about how she has always loved to write and how the story of ‘Girl Saves Boy’ just came to her and wouldn’t leave her alone – so she wrote it down.

Prior to the release of her novel, Steph has been writing a blog for over a year.  On it, you’ll find some examples of her writing, reviews of books she’s read, and discussion about what inspires her.  I found her to be not only talented, but a really down-to-earth individual who just wants to continue doing what she loves to do: write stories.

‘Girl Saves Boy’ is the story of a girl, Jewel, who saves a boy, Sascha, from drowning in a lake.  They strike up a friendship, but there are a few issues involved.  For one, Sascha has a terminal disease, and Jewel isn’t exactly without problems either.  It’s a tale that’s both sad and funny, and a little bit unexpected.

We have two copies in the library, one has been signed by Steph herself.

Steph’s blog can be found at: http://heyteenager.blogspot.com/