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New Author – Steph Bowe

There are up and coming authors writing new books all the time, but I thought I’d feature new writer Steph Bowe for a few reasons.  Firstly, her debut novel (‘Girl Saves Boy’) has just been released and it’s a bit of a corker, and secondly – Steph is only sixteen.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of hearing Steph and some other authors speak about their books.  Steph was very eloquent; she spoke about how she has always loved to write and how the story of ‘Girl Saves Boy’ just came to her and wouldn’t leave her alone – so she wrote it down.

Prior to the release of her novel, Steph has been writing a blog for over a year.  On it, you’ll find some examples of her writing, reviews of books she’s read, and discussion about what inspires her.  I found her to be not only talented, but a really down-to-earth individual who just wants to continue doing what she loves to do: write stories.

‘Girl Saves Boy’ is the story of a girl, Jewel, who saves a boy, Sascha, from drowning in a lake.  They strike up a friendship, but there are a few issues involved.  For one, Sascha has a terminal disease, and Jewel isn’t exactly without problems either.  It’s a tale that’s both sad and funny, and a little bit unexpected.

We have two copies in the library, one has been signed by Steph herself.

Steph’s blog can be found at: http://heyteenager.blogspot.com/