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Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up…

I always get really excited when film-makers decide to release new versions of traditional fairy tales as films.  Usually, they give the film a bit of an edge and a lot more excitement than the tales we remember hearing as children.  In March, a film version of Little Red Riding Hood is going to be released.

The film, entitled, ‘Red Riding Hood’, is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.  Hardwicke was the director for the ‘Twilight’ films, and watching the trailer, you can certainly pick her style in this new adaptation.  This version of Red Riding Hood is billed as a horror film, and if you go back to the origins of the story, you’ll find that that is exactly what it was.  The original Red Riding Hood story came out of 17th century Europe and has been told and retold many times.

The film’s story is about a beautiful young woman named Valerie, torn between the man she loves (Peter) and the man her family have arranged for her to marry (Henry).  Just as Valerie and Peter decide to run away together, Valerie’s sister is killed by a werewolf that prowls the forest surrounding her village.  The beast, being a werewolf, is part man, part beast and the village becomes terrorised by the fact that the wolf could, in fact, be any one of them.

Sounds kind of different to the story you were told, doesn’t it?  Actually, the film sounds like it follows the more traditional version of Red Riding Hood.  In many traditional versions of the story, the wolf is indeed a werewolf and the story in general is far more sinister and scary.

So if you’d like to see the latest evolution of an old tale, check out the trailer below: