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It’s here: Mockingjay (part 1) full trailer


Film: The Fault in Our Stars

A lot of people ask me, ‘what’s the most popular book in the library?’.  Well, at the moment it would have to be John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars.  (Wanna read a review? Click here) Now, it’s kind of been lost under the shadow of the dystopian fiction brigade (Catching Fire, Divergent – both due for film release very soon), but a lot of people have been asking about it. You could do a little surfing to find out about The Fault In Our Stars film, but why not just listen to what John Green himself has to say about it?

Have I got news for you!

I have good news, and better news! The good news is, the first trailer for the film version of ‘Divergent’ is out! Check it out below:

Um, Kate Winslet as the villain? Hell yes!

Secondly, the third book in the series has been unveiled and is due for release on October 22! What’s it called, you ask?

Hunger Games film news

In the midst of Pottermania (I thoroughly enjoyed the film, btw), a certain poster for a certain film based on a certain best selling series was released.

For all of you Hunger Games fanatics, the official film poster was released over the weekend. Looks a bit like this:

Interestingly, many people have slammed it for being too ambiguous;  it gives away pretty much nothing about the film.  Those who’ve read the books will recognise the significance of the mockingjay and the fire, but for those who have no idea what The Hunger Games is about, it’s a little bit meaningless.  Obviously, the idea is to give the audience only a tiny taste of what the film will be like, but in this case, perhaps it’s a little too subtle? It IS, however, a rather beautiful poster, I must admit.  I’ve no doubt that more images and posters will be released closer to the date!

To keep up to date with all the latest information about the movie, click here.

Mortal Instruments Series: Film Production

Big news for all those who are fans of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series (City of Bones, City of Ashes, etc) – pre production is now under way to create a film based on the series!  And not only that, a fourth book in the series has just been released, with a fifth and sixth to come later in the year.

The rumour mill has already kicked into gear about who will be playing Jace; the big tip is British actor Alex Pettyfer, star of I Am Number Four and Beastly.  There is already lots of discussion about the film and whether it will do the books justice.

Cassandra Clare is also releasing Books Two and Three in the Infernal Devices series – she’s one busy lady!

Check out her website here – it includes a blog updated by Cassandra herself where you can get all the latest news.

Tintin Movie trailer released!!

Ok girls, I will admit straight up that this post is extremely self indulgent.  I’m a HUGE Tintin fan and I’m really excited about the Tintin movie that’s coming out later in the year.  It’s been directed by Steven Spielberg with help from Peter Jackson, so it’s guaranteed to be MASSIVE.  Plus, it’s in 3-D – what more could you want? It’s a motion capture film, which means it’s animated, but the actors who voice the characters also create the actions for them as well.  It’s the same technology that Peter Jackson used to create Gollum, in the LOTR films.  In fact, Andy Serkis, the man who played Gollum, is playing Captain Haddock in the film.  Check out the Tintin film trailer below.  I’ve also added a video on motion capture, so you get an idea of how the whole process works.