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Poor Severus…

It’s amazing how one little thing can change the way you see a character in a books. One of the latest viral videos to take the Harry Potter world by storm is this video about Severus Snape. Snape is such a complex character; it’s really not until you read the last couple of books that you begin to understand what motivates him, and even feel sorry for him. In fact, understanding Snape’s actions completely turns the story around.

This video looks at Snape’s life – in chronological order. It takes all the key Snape scenes from the movies and cuts them together in a way that creates a tragically moving story.



Hermione and Harry???

Hermione and Ron….not meant to be?

“JK Rowling has admitted that she made a mistake by pairing off Hermione Granger with Ron Weasley rather than with Harry Potter in her best-selling books.”

And with that, the Harry Potter fandom divided. In this article from The Telegraph, the author of the famous wizarding adventures admits that she was guided by her heart and not by her head when she paired up the feisty heroine Hermione with everyone’s favourite ginger, Ron.

According to Rowling, these two would not make the most realistic couple. Could Ron make Hermione happy? Or would she be more suited to Harry?

Some fans have been outraged that Rowling would make such a comment now that the series is done and dusted. Others, including Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the films, agree with Rowling’s statement, saying that Harry and Hermione are a far better match.

What do you think?

Happy Reading!
Ms White 🙂

Last post of the year…

I have to admit, I’ve been a little lazy with the posts in the last little while! There has been so much going on, every time I go to write a post, something gets in the way! I want to say a big Merry Christmas to the St Cath’s girls from the library staff. We’ve had a big year this year and 2014 is going to be even bigger! This time next year – fingers crossed – we’ll be in our BRAND NEW LIBRARY. Pretty excited about that, I can tell you!

I found this article today and I thought I’d share it with all you die-hard Twilight/Harry/Katniss fans.


Merry Christmas all, and happy reading! See you in 2014! 

Ms White 🙂

Well, who’d have thought?

Welcome back to Term Three everyone! At the end of the holidays, I was intrigued to read this article about Harry Potter author, J. K Rowling.  Rowling has written a detective novel called ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ under the pseudonym (fake name) Robert Galbraith.  The book was published, and was well received in its own right. Now that everyone knows it was really Rowling who wrote the book, what do you think will happen to the sales figures of the book now? Read all about it:


Ok Harry Potter fans…

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know that the famous J. K Rowling has released her first non-wizard ‘grown up’ book – The Casual Vacancy.  Being the massive HP fan that I am, I jumped right on board and read it.  So, dear students, I thought I’d review it for you. But be warned, this is not a book for everyone.

The small English town of Pagford is rocked when local Parish Councillor Barry Fairweather dies quite suddenly of an aneurysm.  His place on the Parish Council is immediately up for grabs, and all of a sudden tensions develop and alliances are made when several members of the town decide to run in the election. However, like most small towns, there are a whole bunch of secrets, lies, affairs and tensions that are begging to be uncovered as families, friends and colleagues go to war with each other to get what they want.

In some respects, this book feels very much like a gentle BBC drama in terms of location and character. There are several players rather than one main character and while it initially feels like the book jumps around from person to person a lot, the connections between the characters soon become apparent and the story tightens as it goes. Even though the backdrop to the story is a lovely English village with cobbled streets and ancient ruins, the narrative itself is far from idyllic. The characters in this novel are not really likable at all; some the reader might grow to like, but I found myself caring about very few of them. They were a nasty neurotic bunch – I had heard that there were a few deaths in the novel and I found myself spending quite of lot of time deciding which characters I’d like Rowling to kill off at the end.

If you’ve read any of the reviews of The Casual Vacancy, you’ll know that it’s become rather famous (or infamous!) for its content – there’s lots of hardcore swearing, sex scenes, scenes of domestic violence and self-harm.  It almost feels that after seven books of characters that are good and triumphant and funny, Rowling has just decided to let it all out.  And let it out she does – this is not a happy book by any means. There are elements of black comedy to it, but for the most part, I just felt kind of sad at the end. I liked it, but it didn’t make me feel good.

So this book comes with a warning – it is recommended for more senior students. If you’d like to borrow it and have a read, you’re welcome, but you might want to have a chat to one of the librarians first before you borrow it out!!

Happy Reading! Ms White 🙂 



Harry Potter like you’ve never seen him before!

We all know Daniel Radcliffe as, well, Harry Potter.  I mean, we know he’s a person and an actor and all that – but most of the time it’s very difficult to see past his earnest little Harry Potter expression.  It’s not surprising really, considering Radcliffe has played the role since he was eleven.  He’s literally grown up in the public eye!  So now that the Harry Potter film extravaganza is done and dusted, it seems like Radcliffe is trying to get as far away as he can from his ‘boy who lived’ image by taking on…musical theatre.  Turns out he can sing AND dance as well as act; and he’s not bad either.

Radcliffe is currently playing the role of J. Pierpont Finch, the leading man in a musical called ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ on Broadway.  Check out the video below to see him in action!