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Plot Inconsistencies in your favourite novels!

Right, if you want your favourite novels and series to remain pristine in your mind, cover your ears and start going, ‘lalalalalalalalalala’ right now! The Reading Room blog has uncovered some fairly gaping plot holes in some of the most popular books we love to read. I guess the question is: do we really care? Still, it’s a fun discussion topic!!



Melbourne Writers Festival

Our student reviewer is back! This week, with an account of some of the fun she experienced at the 2013 Melbourne Writers Festival.

As soon as we entered the first part of the trip, the 20 girls from years seven and eight knew the trip would be a lot of fun. And we were not disappointed, as the first session was a head to head battle between zombies and unicorns. Of course, unicorns won, but the debate between Margo Lanagan and Justine Larbalestier was very funny, and we gained an interesting insight into the lives of both zombies and unicorns.

Next we heard from some  award winning authors, and we heard about their journeys as writers and novelists. Myke Bartlett,  Leanne Hall and Melissa Keil shared with us some of the trials and tribulations of trying to get a book published, and even just writing a finished book. It was very useful to hear from people who had gone through the experience before, for any aspiring writers.

The final session taught us about inserting feeling into a story, and that unhappy characters make the best stories. James Roy showed us that many words does not necessarily make a story good, and that he could show us how short a story could be. His example was “For sale. Newborn shoes. Never worn.” From this example he showed us that no matter how long your story is, if it does not have emotion and a problem, the reader will not connect with it. After these three amazing workshops we were lucky enough to hear the final of the ‘Out Loud’ poetry competition. Overall this was an excellent experience and the girls would like to thank Mrs Shortal and Ms Murray for making it possible.

Stay tuned! Our student reviewer has more book reviews coming your way!

Inky Award Winners

On Wednesday, Mrs Shortal and I took some very enthusiastic Year 7 girls to Inky Fest, where the winners of the Inky Awards were announced. Drumroll please…



The general consensus was that both books very much deserved to win their respective categories; everyone was pretty happy with the result! To read a review of The Fault In Our Stars, click here. I’ll be reading Shift next and posting a review very soon!

If you’d like to look into being on the teen judging panel for 2013, or would just like to read more reviews and get involved in some book discussion, don’t forget to check out the Inside A Dog website.

The Reading Wiki is back in action!

Some of you might remember that last year saw the launch of the St Cath’s reading wiki.  What is it? Well, it’s basically a website that lists books from our library by genre.  Looking for a fantasy novel to read? There’s a list of those.  How about a romance novel? We’ve got a list of those too.  Thinking about reading a biography? We’ve got a great list of those!

If you’re unsure of what you want to read next, sometimes browsing by genre can really help you decide on your next novel.  Often, we read a novel from one particular genre and are hungry for more of the same.  If that’s your story, then this wiki is for you!  The lists are very clearly laid out:

If the Nicholas Library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, there’s even a page where you can suggest a novel for us.  We take your suggestions very seriously, and nine times out of ten, the library ends up getting hold of any novel that a student suggests.  We like to keep our readers happy!

Want to check it out? Click here to access the reading wiki…

Happy Reading! 🙂

60 Second Recap

Well, it’s Term Four and exams are almost upon us!  The Year Twelves in particular will be getting stuck in to the ol’ study and everyone will be thinking about revision techniques that suit them best.  Often, students find studying for English exams quite challenging – when you’re studying a novel or play, there is so much to learn and it can be difficult to take it all in and make sense of it all.

This week, I want to draw your attention to a website called ’60 Second Recap’.  On it, you’ll find small YouTube clips on any number of novels and plays.  Jenny, the host of these clips, consolidates the main points about character, plot and themes in a given text.  For example, if you’re studying ‘Hamlet’, you’ll find a series of clips on plot, characters, different themes, symbols and motifs.  They could be a great help in reconnecting you with the main ideas of a text, or for finding a way of weeding out the most important information to revise before the exam.

Give them a go! Click on the picture below to connect to the 60 Second Recap site:

Happy Reading!

Ms White